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Can Injera Affect Weight ?

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Yes it can cause weight gain see how


Injera is a delicious and popular Ethiopian flatbread made from teff flour. It's enjoyed by many people around the world. But how does it affect weight, and is it suitable for people with diabetes? Let's explore the nutritional content and its role in weight management.

Nutritional Content: Injera comes in small and large sizes, and the nutritional content varies depending on the size. Here's a basic breakdown for both:


​​Small Injera (1 piece - about 6 inches in diameter):

Large Injera (1 piece - about 12 inches in diameter):


Around 2 grams

About 4 grams


(mainly complex carbs): Approximately 20 grams

(mainly complex carbs): Approximately 40 grams


Very little, almost negligible

Still low, just a trace


​Some calcium, iron, and potassium

​​More calcium, iron, and potassium compared to the small injera

Advantages and Disadvantages of Injera

Advantages of Injera

Low Fat: Injera is low in fat, which is beneficial for heart health and weight management.

Complex Carbs: It's rich in complex carbohydrates, providing sustained energy and helping you feel full for longer.

Minerals: Injera contains important minerals like calcium and iron, which are vital for bone health and preventing anemia.

Dis-Advantages of Injera

Role in Diabetes:

Role in Weight Loss:


Article By Dr. Nigussie Alemu Geleta MD,

Certified Functional Nutritional Practitioner

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