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Lose your excess weight, 
Gain back your wellness and vitality

240-889-4650, 240-889-4651            
8115 Fenton St. Suite 209, Silver Spring MD 20910

Enjoy our personalized, comprehensive weight loss plan

With Three Simple Steps, Result Guaranteed

Get to know you; you tell us your medical condition, nutritional choices, food sensitivity, and weight, and we will tell you how much excess weight you have, how long it will take to shed it, and which medication or nutrition works for you.

Step 2: Make decisions together; we believe you know your body best. We sit together, choose, and make final decisions together about which meal plan and medication to choose, and answer the most important question: why the chosen plan is better for you.

Step 3: We make sure you enjoy the pain-free journey by helping and encouraging you all the way while focusing on the final weight loss and getting back your vitality.

  • 10 Lbs. in 30 Days 

  • No Surgery

  • Eat 3 Times A day

  • No Strenuous Exercise 

  • Individualized Weekly Meal Plan

  • Nutritional Coach


  • Medication Delivery if needed

  • Bi-Weekly Tele Medicine Follow Up

  • Treat Additional Medical Conditions  

  • Reduce Excess Fat Mainly Belly Fat

  • Loss 10-15% of body Weight in 3 Month

  • If Meal Plan, Advise Followed Result Guarantied

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